Friday, 22 July 2016

He has finished!

Last week, Caleb finished preschool! It is such a weird feeling, I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by!

I remember taking him to preschool on the first day. Although he looked a bit nervous as he waited to go in, he was actually so excited about it all and was really looking forward to it. He would always come home talking about his little friends there, in particular the girls?! I don't know what to make of that, the little ladies man, ha ha! He settled so quickly while for the first couple of weeks, quite a lot of the other children cried when they were dropped off for preschool. I can remember the staff telling me that although he is fine going in at the moment, he may regress as a lot of them do once they realise that they will be there for a few hours. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times that Caleb had cried going into preschool. In fact, I know that there has only been three times!

He loved preparing for his Christmas preschool play. He knew all of the words and actions to all of the songs and he sang them all the time at home from December through to March :). He was the cutest little innkeeper I ever did see!

He has enjoyed being there so much and since September, I think he has developed and progressed so much. He has always been pretty confident talking to adults but he was never quite so confident around people his own age. Since being at preschool he has got so much more confident with other children to the point of sometimes being pretty boisterous and I have to tell him to reign it in! He will now readily chat with any children that he meets. He always sings songs that he has learnt at preschool and often likes to play "preschools" at home. He gets pretty annoyed with Levi when he won't sit still for the register :). Bless him!

I honestly can't praise the staff from the preschool enough. They have been so good with Caleb and have helped him to develop so much. Needless to say, Levi's name is already on the list to go there when he turns 3, even though it's not the closest one to our house and we have to drive there.

Almost every morning since he started preschool, he would run to the window so that he could wave to me and blow me kisses. It was the cutest thing, especially as Levi would then wave and blow kisses back to Caleb. I'm not going to lie, I may have teared up a little as we did this ritual for the last time....

When Caleb starts school in September, he isn't going to know any of the children in his class. I knew this would be the case as the preschool isn't in the catchment area for the school. Whilst this would possibly cause a lot of parents some concern and angst, I am feeling completely fine about it and that's because I know he will be fine. He is so happy and ready to go to school that even though I am in denial about my baby growing up, I know that he will be absolutely fine.

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