Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Liverpool fun

Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone still reading my blog? It has been a couple of months since I last blogged. Things have been happening but I just haven't been blogging about it, which is shocking, I know, as I am sure that you are all waiting with bated breath (I still don't really know what that actually means....) to know what has been going on in my life. So I am going to backpedal a couple of months and start from there, just because I hate doing things out of order.

At the beginning of April (see? I told you I was going back a bit!), the boys and I had a mini break in Liverpool to visit Laura. She got the train down to us just so that she could keep us company on the drive up, how good is she?! On that almost five hour trip it was actually a huge help! I also thought she might need to do some of the driving because the night before, I knocked a can of carpet cleaner from a high up shelf onto my foot and did this:

Pretty ugly, right?! (By the way, it was April, still enclosed shoes weather, hence the unpainted toenails, don't judge!) I thought that I might have broken it but alas, it was fine, I was just in a fair bit of pain! I managed to do all of the driving, so that was good!

Caleb and Levi loved being in Laura's apartment! It is so spacious, Caleb was just crawling around from room to room non-stop for about an hour when we arrived and Caleb was obsessed with looking out of the window and watching everything that was happening outside. In the mornings while Levi had his nap, Laura and Caleb played a LOT of snakes and ladders, raced cars and played the guitar together. He loves being with her and playing with her.

Laura had been promising Caleb for ages that when he came to Liverpool, she would buy him an ice cream and he was so excited about it, he kept talking about it. On the day that he had the ice cream, it was SO cold and windy, it was ridiculous, you literally had to lean into the wind to walk. Caleb was scared of the noise of the wind because it was so loud and Laura was carrying him around for most of the time but he still wanted the ice cream! He was so cute, sitting on a bench shivering away and eating it. At one point, it even started to rain but he carried on regardless, ha ha!

We went and visited the Museum of Liverpool, which is exactly what it says it is - a museum all about the history, people, city and culture of Liverpool. It's a great museum and it's so interactive so Caleb was loving it. During our time in Liverpool we also went to the World Museum. Caleb actually loves going to museums so he was more than happy! There was an interactive display all about colour and I'm pretty sure we spent about 2 hours there alone! Levi took his first four steps while we were there as well which was pretty cool and we just about managed to capture it on camera.

Anyone who knows Caleb knows that he is a typical boy and likes all forms of vehicles so he was really excited when we went on the Mersey ferry. I think he liked being on the ferry but didn't like the sound of the engine vibrating and kept saying, "I want to go back to Liverpool!", meaning, Laura's apartment! Levi, on the other hand was crawling around like a mad thing and wanting to explore everywhere on the ferry, ha! We had our hands pretty full!

We had such a lovely time being in Liverpool with Laura and exploring the city. Even being in her apartment was fun. Caleb loved standing on Laura's mat and pretending that he was wakeboarding while she pulled him around the lounge! He also enjoyed pretending to surf while standing on Laura's surfboard shaped bathmat :). The boy is destined for the water, it would seem! It was a great few days.
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